Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wedding Day

There are some recent events which need/deserve blog attention this weekend.

However, real life is interfering. That means I am going to Chattanooga this morning for the wedding of my niece. And I do wish her much happiness.

The will of the triad of my mother, my sister and her daughter is indeed a mighty thing. So I'm suiting up and going in.

UPDATE: In addition to the wedding in Chattanooga, which was a very nice time and my niece was looking even more exceptional than ever, my extended family grew via the wedding (also on the 9th) in Nashville of my brother-in-law, a most excellent fellow who once made me welcome for a long stay in Manhattan, and is one of the newest and bestest songwriters working the Nashville music scene. And his bride is an aspiring screenwriter. So the family kinda doubled in size yesterday. Yay for all of us!!


  1. Oh! The mighty waves of estrogens. Stay strong.

  2. How is it possible that I've known you for, um, 15 years, live in the same house with you for, what, 4 years, you now live in the room which will always be MY room, I've spent more time with you than with my real flesh and blood brothers which kind of makes you a de facto brother.

    Yet, I never knew you had a sister. I knew you had brothers. I feel like one of those kids who just found out that her traveling salesman father has a secret wife and kids living in Kansas.

    Have fun at the wedding.

  3. I am glad they got you out of the house! We don't call him "no show Joe" without good reason at all our parties.

  4. Sande - i was raised to do whatever they tell me. though sometimes i do not.

    Kelvis - well jeepers, i guess i just don't talk much about my family do i?
    it's for their own personal safety that i seldom talk about them. :)

    Jed - hey, this year i was at the annual Halloween party in new market - where wuz you??

  5. I think Joe has been out 3 times this year!!
    ...well, at least 2 times.

  6. Dag yo I am the no show! We went over to the New Knoxville Brewing Company this year. I have been to New Market the past four years where were you them times? Dag yo we'll see you Christmas in Jeff City I hope.

  7. i do go do things, ya know's just that every sighting of me is rare and unique, like a snowflake ....

  8. Yes, Joe. I often muse on how much you remind me of a delicate, little floating piece of ice...

  9. Jed - will certainly be there!

    Editor - i knew i was just a piece of ice to you ... heh heh

  10. No snappy come back?

    You got nothing?

    Not have way?

  11. uh, no.

    already waaaaaay to much info on this post about myself and my family (extended and adopted) so leave me alone.