Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Promotional Shat

I cannot believe some advertising exec got paid and the studio folk approved the following as a great campaign tagline for the new William Shatner hosted game show, "Show Me The Money":

"It's Shat-tastic."


  1. well, it is old english past-tense for what the show really is..i'd say it's a good description!

  2. Excellent description if you ask me, although I have a soft spot for Shatner.
    I will always love the Twilight Zone set on the plane with the gremlin.

  3. My personal favorite moment on recent TV was the episode of Futurama where the cast of Trek is held captive on an alien planet and everyone has to watch Shatner (who did his own voice, of course) doing a "spoken word" version of "Slim Shady".

    And then Sulu says "how can ya do a spoken word version of a rap song??"