Friday, October 13, 2006

When Bloggers Gather

What happens when five bloggers from both ends of Tennessee get together?

Amazing times, of course. I had much fun wining and dining with Newscoma, Squirrels on Snark, Juliepatchouli and The Editor. Which means there were often five conversations occurring at once. Strike that, make it five Fascinating conversations at once.

The Editor and I drove up together, and as we were making our way past the County Courthouse in downtown Knoxville, we were stopped at a traffic light and I see this fellow about 50 yards away and I thought "that guy looks like Harold Ford Jr.".

And as we drove past him - it was Harold Ford Jr. I was kinda pleased with myself for being able to recognize him at a distance, made me feel like my keen political senses were operating at a peak efficiency.

And of course, a fine omen of the approval of the Powers That Be for the impending mini-blogfest.

I think I shouted out as we drove past him something like "Harold! Woooooooo!!" to express my political affirmation.

Some highlights of the evening:

- While in the lounge of the hotel we met at, combined Blogging Forces made them to change the bad trapped-in-an-80s-aerobics-class music to jazz. A much needed improvement. Julie said she once worked in that hotel lounge and related an incident involving the purchase of some stereo speakers, which she put in her Ford Escort and which were quite quickly stolen!!

- The lounge was home to a weird collection of books - a novelization of the old TV teen soap opera "Paper Dolls," an action-adventure novelization of the Bobby Sherman TV show "Getting Together", and a comic book adaptation of Dracula by Nestor Redondo. I emphasize was home to such books. (And for the record, I was most interested in the Redondo book.)

- As we headed into Market Square, there were no raids on businesses by the DEA or ATF. That was a little disappointing for us.

- I learned Newscoma used to be called "Tick". Let her explain that one. And I did not know that the late Ann Richards used to date Ned McWherter!

- I learned Pat Summit is currently separated.

- It is good to be the lone male accompanying four women.

- Poop stories were told by one and all at various points in the evening.

- Each of us has been and continue to be frighteningly close to the Seats of Power in Politics, Government, Media, Sports and Entertainment.

- We concluded this blogging thing might catch on.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention some other happy news about a blogger -- Valley Grrrl is about to have a baby, sometime today I think. That will make The Editor an Aunt. Again. Say congats to both. And yeah, that means L.A. Barabbas will be a dad!


  1. Entirely too much fun was had by all!
    Cut the levity & get back to work.

    Just kiddin.. party on, dude.
    Y'all can drive on down to my part of the country & we could hang out at Hardees.. (??) OK, the fishery??

  2. And a good time was had by all. I'm sitting in class right now and thinking fond memories of last night while I should be learning stuff.
    Oh well. On to Greekfest!

  3. I'm glad you didn't tell EVERYTHING, tee hee :)

    What fun,, Bloggers are the best.. and I do think 'this bloggin thing just might catch on'..