Sunday, October 08, 2006

Time to Arm and Train Teachers To Shoot?

School teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons while on the job, or so says one state legislator in Wisconsin.


To prevent or at least change the outcome of someone attacking students/faculty with a gun.

Since school property has already been deemed a "gun-free zone", it is amazing that armed killers somehow get their insane plans to work.

Republican Rep. Frank Lasee said he planned to introduce legislation that would allow school personnel to carry concealed weapons. He stressed that it would hinge on school staff members getting strict training on the use of the weapons, and he acknowledged he would have to work around a federal law that bans guns on school grounds."

Despsite recent events and some continued fears - statistically, kids are at their safest while in school. But hey, an Algebra or Geometry teacher might just be able to decide the right vectors and probabilities faster than any would-be attacker. And kids darn well better get that homework in on time.

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