Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thomas Jefferson Sent Me an Email

I can honestly say it is not every day that I receive an email from Thomas Jefferson. Yeah, THE Thomas Jefferson. Even less likely, the email was a link to a video from YouTube. That website is truly gathering market saturation.

Added to Mr.Jefferson's email was the comment that "it is your patriotic duty to watch this video."

The video he sent is from what may well be one of the last true examples of a newscaster who crafts editorials and stories which exhibit courage, insight and relevant analysis of the news business today.

More than once, he has been compared to the legendary Edward Murrow - a man who dared speak frankly and eloquently on the dangerous failures and gross incompetence in our national leadership.

The newsman is Keith Olbermann, and in this video, he is speaking about former President Clinton's scathing and factual refutation of the hit job made on him by FOX news and "reporter" Chris Wallace.

Crooks and Liars has a post noting how rapidly FOX changed their headline on Clinton's response from "Crazed" to "Strong Reaction". Also on that page, you can read the transcript of the Wallace/Clinton discussion.

Mr. Jefferson also included this link -- it reveals the more wrong-headed and flat out incorrect information a person has regarding certain U.S. policies are FOX viewers. The other networks fare little better.


  1. WOW! I was mesmerized by Keith's report..
    Excellent blog, Joe!

  2. Awesome.
    I linked to you.
    You are amazing.

  3. That chills my spine! Thanks Joe!

    Bill fiddles up a girl and we want his head on a stick, George cornholes the whole country and we re-elect him.

  4. Somehow I cannot fathom an ESPN retread being the second coming of Edward R. Murrow. And since when does asking Bubba a couple of questions constitute a "hit job"?

  5. To invite the former prez for an interview to discuss his Global Initiative Foundation and then instead focus on GOP talking points to steer the blame for the failures of the Bush programs in the WOT onto the Clinton tenure - that's pure political hit job.

    And disparaging the messenger - Olbermann - is certainly an easy dodge of the issues he discusses.

  6. Whoa whoa whoa, cup of Joe. Stop and take a drink. If you watched the interview - and could not be distracted by memories of Bubba's previous finger wagging session, you will see that Chris Wallace asked him if he wanted to discuss the Global Initiative and he said, "Nah I wanna tulk 'bout thiz...!".

  7. actually when Wallace got burned he then quickly tried to avoid Clinton's answers by agreeing that the set-up for the interview was to talk about the Global Foundation, and Clinton said, no - since you brought up these questions, let me answer them.

    but i'm sure you'll pick and choose what ya want to hear/read.

  8. So, let me see if I understand your reasoning - terrorists made their first pass at the World Trade Center in 1993; then there was the Khobar Towers barracks attack in 1996; after that the US Embassy in Nairobi was bombed in 1998; act 4 was the USS Cole in 2000. After all of this happened on Bubba's watch, you consider it a right wing conservative hit job to simply ask him if there was not a pattern here???

  9. you can read my response to your query in the comment section of the post above this one. not that facts will alter your viewpoints.

  10. OXYMORON11:46 AM

    mmmmmmm, Clinton, one of the brightest minds ever to sit as president, never anticipated in the least Wallace would attempt to embarrass him on tape. Naaaaa. FOX has always been so Clinton friendly.
    Pity this episode has fueled a soap opera. Convince me killing Bin Laden would have prevented 9/11. It would have been a victory for us in the long run but preventing 9/11? I doubt it.
    It might have made matters worse since his death might have lulled us into a false sense of security.
    Clinton was primed for Wallace and Clinton made millions happy with his response.