Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Now, Frist Supports Senate Filibuster

The flip-flopping Tennessee Senator Bill Frist now sees a value and a reason for the Senate rule which allows for a filibuster. The reason is the legislation in question is backed by President Bush on the issues of handling the prisoners captured by the U.S. in the ongoing "war on terror." Also facing little success of passage is a bill approving "warrantless wiretapping."

But in September of 2006, the likelihood of a Senate filibuster was viewed as an obsolete tactic of obstruction, one he vowed to oppose with a so-called ''nuclear option." In Spetember 2006, the senator sought to have the procedure made ''unconstitutional.''

With this about-face turn on the issue, the senator proves once again he is in Washington to represent the Bush Administration - not to represent the people of his home sttate of Tennessee. The recent actions appear to make sure these bills will not be resolved until after the elections.


  1. We've seen so many 'about faces' coming from this admin lately.. almost seems like the voices are coming from their arses..

  2. carpenterjd9:05 AM

    Interesting that a potential Republican candidate for Pres would appear to be a flip-flopper. It cost Kerry, can the Dems learn and get Frist?

    Of course, we all know that the Republicans always have the answers, are only working for the public good, and are the moral pillars of our, I'm getting stomach pains just writing this!

    Oh, and now I am Shoutin' Syd Dawkins!

  3. Wasn't he wanting to create policies to stop filibusters awhile back.
    Just asking.

  4. yep. wanted them declared "unconstitutional". just an example of how - in my opinion - he isn't a representative, he uses his office to promote his own agenda, or the agenda of his controllers - Bush and Co.

  5. Alloyd41:58 PM

    Seems like the smell of sulphur is coming from more than the UN these days.