Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Government Caskets and Hanging Elephants - A Web Walk

No story got my attention as much as a proposal from a Clarksville mayoral candidate who is suggesting the taxpayers fund a city-operated casket and funeral company. The candidate also wants a super-secret force to combat cell phone users/drivers.:

Wilton Sowell suggested some unorthodox measures to raise revenue for the city, which he said would allow low-income residents over 55 to be forgiven of their local taxes.

Sowell is recommending the creation of a squad of 50 undercover traffic agents to combat road rage and driving while on a cell phone, whose fines would flow into the city coffers.

Sowell is also recommending a one-time tax charged to all city residents to create a municipal casket manufacturing company and funeral home, which proceeds will flow into the city and would conceivably guarantee affordable funerals for low-income families.

"Everyone should have a respectable funeral without burdening their loved ones," Sowell said."

11 are seeking the mayor's office. I am more than shocked at the idea the city go into managing final arrangements for residents.

In other news, John at Salem's Lots has a good question regarding a proposal to make English the official language of Nashville government:

What problem are they really trying to solve? What is the real motivation for this bill?"

Read the full post here.

Michael at No Silence Here also has information on Tennessee being the number one U.S. exporter to China. What do we export??

And finally, a UT student is researching one of the strangest stories ever from East Tennessee - the hanging of an elephant in Erwin, TN and the many myths about it.

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