Friday, September 22, 2006

Candiate Davis Ready To Bomb Iran

Comments by GOP candidate for Congress here in the 1st District, David Davis, get a thorough ripping via AC at Volunteer Voters. Here's what Davis said in reference to bombing Iran:

I heard somebody up here (at the luncheon) say, ‘Go for it,'" said Davis, a state representative from Johnson City. "I think when you're in a position of power you have to be willing to listen to other people in positions of leadership. ... I would listen to the people of the 1st District. It is very, very important that we take this war seriously. ... This is a war that we need to be willing to win. I don't want to be in office and be in a position of power when we're attacked and we don't stand up."

AC replies:

Some yahoo in the back of the room says "Go for it" and you're gonna take that into consideration when formulating your foreign policy views? Are you kidding me?

It is simply amazing to me how Republicans running for office are seriously considering another preemptive strike against an Islamic State after the first one went so well."

Sadly, Davis is likely to win the election and once again, the 1st District residents have a Party official dictating actions in congress and taking Party directions.

Representation falls to the wayside.

Read the whole post.

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