Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What They Said

Some Wedesday web-walking has much to offer on all kinds of topics - discuss them as you wish.

I will make this claim first, however -- seems there were so many electronic problems, long lines and mistakes made in the August 2006 elections across the state. Here in Hamblen County, a two vote margin for the seat of incumbent County Commissioner Bobby Reinhardt has prompted him to file a suit because election officials say the vote tally shows a total tie, except in the absentee ballots - and that a court order is required to conduct a recount of those votes. Hopefully, the suit also calls for checking the registration status of all absentee voters.

Lawsuits have followed in county after county - was it really just electronic malfunctions or a long ballot? Isn't this a clear sign to the state election office to investigate the problems and provide some assistance?

Salem's Lots has a fine post on the myths of immigrants legal and illegal and how the state and federal officials respond to the issue. Here is a sample:

I'm tired of being anecdoted and told we have a problem, without seeing any real evidence. I'm not saying there is no problem, but I want to know what it really is.

Jingoism and xenophobia may boost ratings for talk show hosts, and probably engenders comments I read recently that Nolensville Road is becoming a junior Tijuana (obviously the commenter has never been to the real Tijuana), but hot air does little but produce steam.

Yeah, we could bump up the penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants, but the truth is, we don't have the means of enforcement, and it would probably do little than cause employers do a more efficient job of keeping illegals off the books.

I'm not saying that our nation's borders should be opened and unguarded. I just don't see how we can legislate here in Tennessee, based on anecdotes, ignorance and fear.

Can you honestly say that illegal immigrants have had a detrimental effect on YOUR life?

It is also odd to me that very little news media attention has been paid to the massive federal probe and charges against Garcia Labor Company. The charges indicate the company was aggressively seeking ways to employ illegals, but the state's media have given the story a very low profile.

Did you know the US has been at war longer with Iraq than with Germany in WW2? I've said it before, but the fact is we have had an active military operational status in Iraq since 1991 - 15 years and counting.

Go check out the saga of Tennesse Jed and his Bronco. He got it back!

Giving into Fear is what terrorists want, isn't it? Then take a look at what Tam says:

If they "hate our freedom" so much, Georgie, then why are we doing everything we can to help them kill it?"

That's a quick peek around the state - if you have a burning issue in yer noggin, add it in the comments and we'llt ake that on too!

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  1. carpenterjd12:14 PM

    Once again, I am reminded that most people just do not want to learn from the mistakes of the past. Every significant influx of immigrants experienced by our country has been accompanied by a reaction from some who claim that this particular group of immigrants will be the downfall of our civilization. The claims range from morally bankrupt to shiftless and lazy to they're taking our jobs, etc. It seems to have worked out for the country so far. After all, unless one is a Native American (which means your ancestors crossed over when the Bering land bridge was in place)we are all of immigrant stock. America by definition of the Constitution is a country of inclusion not exclusion. Diversity makes us strong and tolerance keeps us strong. Now, if we could just get rid of the French...