Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Linkfest

Enterprising writer Rex L Camino has devised a sort of literary equivalent of "sampling". He has devised a way to take entries from Wikipedia articles on "oddly named animals and assorted insects" and rewritten them as entries on "semi-obscure" television personalities.

An example provided is for Joyce Dewitt from "Three's Company" inserted in the description for the Wandering Albatross. Here's a taste of Rex-revisionism:

She feeds on squid, small fish and on animal refuse that floats on the sea, eating to such excess at times that she is unable to fly and rests helplessly on the water.

She lays one egg: it is white, with a few spots, and is about 4 inches long. At breeding time she occupies loose colonies on isolated island groups in the Southern Ocean, such as Crozet Islands, South Georgia, Marion Island, Prince Edward Island, Kerguelen and Macquarie Island."

If you want, you can WikiRead the albatross entry here. And remember -- Vote Rex as Write-In Candidate for Senator!!!!

Like many TV viewers, the advertisement screaming at you "Head On!!! Apply Directly to you forehead!!" is nearly inescapable and may well incur migraines. On the post and comments here from KnoxViews, I learned the chief ingredient of this never-explained item is ... wax.

Thanks to Tits McGee, who showed me the way, a site called Mad Vortex takes pics and old advertisements and provides captions that are deeply, satisfyingly entertaining. In one picture of some darling child standing by a large kitchen sink, the caption reads: "As Ginny Rae dumped the arsenic into the village water supply, she suppressed a tiny giggle
." Ah, that Ginny!!

Isn't it time YOU were in command and made the Pipe Cleaner Man dance to your tune?
Have you ever seen that ever-changing signboard in Times Square, first installed in 1989, which shows the dollar amount of the national debt? It will run out of digits in 2007. This and other fun facts here.


  1. I went to Mad Vortex too because of the fabulous Tits.
    It was awesome.

  2. Indeed, she is fab. And her lists are mighty! (i did type "lists", didn't i?) ... ok ... coulda been a whole different sentence otherwise :)

  3. Maybe I could call it "rexvisionism".

  4. You, Cuppa, are a wealth of information.
    Now I have the Pipe Cleaner tunes in my head for the day.

  5. I think yer onto a winner there, Rex!

  6. The Mad Vortex is still up and running, with a nifty new logo and tons more channels!