Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Things Heard And Not Heard

Some things I have not heard anyone say this summer:

"Is it hot enough for ya?"

"I am soooo excited by this election year!"

"Ann Coulter turns me on."

"I don't get much spam in my e-mail anymore."

"I sure miss Star Jones on 'The View'".

"I hate to think the kids will be back in school soon."

"I'm so glad you applied for this job Joe. You're hired!"

Some things I have heard this summer:

"Star Wars" theme on a banjo. Yep. Banjo. Doubt it? Then just watch --


  1. hahahah...
    Those were great!
    And the video was superb.. straight out of Deliverance.
    I had to forward it to my StarWars son who does the part of a Storm Trooper in his club of re-enactors, for children's charities.
    In my mind, I still hear Bill Murray singing the lounge lizard version of the theme.. 'Star Wars.. Nothing but bar wars..'

  2. Last night I saw something funnay on youtube (I know, I know), called Chad Vader, Dayshift Manager or something like that. I'd link, but lazy...

  3. I think I saw that one, AT - pretty funny. I also saw another recently called BVD - Batman vs Darth Vader which gave me a chuckle too.

    And the clip from Robot Chicken of the Emperor blowing off Darth on a phone call was just hilarious.

    Maybe Sci-Fi Bluegrass is a genre waiting for it's day in the sun!!

  4. That is a new high point for geeks everywhere.

  5. A few other things not heard yet on the street:

    "I just can't get enough of that Linda Noe gosh darnit"
    "I have looked everywhere for a wardrobe like the one Tom Lowe has"
    "Charter Cable and Customer Service - now there are two things which go together"
    "Rick Trent is opposed to immigrants. I am sure am glad he doesn't rent to any."