Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Teenage Fight Clubs

A friend pointed out a rather odd sentence in a report from USA Today about the apparent national popularity of teenage 'fight clubs'.

Many fight-club brawlers are suburban high school kids, not gang members or juvenile criminals."

Um. What??

Charges have been filed against the teen distributor of an underground movie called Agg Townz Fights 2, a DVD complete with a rap soundtrack as background to a variety of teen fighters.

I just used my business-savvy mind," says Jackson, who's seen break dancing and flashing a wad of cash in the videos.

His Dallas-based attorney, Ray Jackson (no relation), calls the organized crime charge "ludicrous" and predicts his filmmaking client will become another Spike Lee. The lawyer adds that although the Agg Townz series has become a "cult classic," his client has not made money from it. Most DVDs in circulation are bootlegs from which his client did not get a cut of the proceeds, Ray Jackson says.

"This was low-end equipment and high-end talent," the lawyer says. "That's why it sold."

Yeah, savvy.

I guess I always thought the Andy Warhol quote of "in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes" to be a sardonic critique of American behavior rather than a goal to be pursued.

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