Friday, August 04, 2006

Morristown Councilman Wins 1st District Primary

Morristown City Councilman Rick Trent won the Democrat Primary in the 1st District with a total of 40% of the votes, so congratulations are in order. It did take a bit of searching through several web sites to locate and verify the win. On the GOP side, it was a very close race among a host of candidates, with totals now showing David Davis with 16,570 and Richard Venable with 16,049.

As I've said before, it will be an all uphill battle to win over the Congressional seat from the Republican party, which has held the seat since somewhere near the time of Noah.

Computer woes delayed voting results in this county until around 1 a.m. and apparently there were computer woes statewide as well. Was it adjusting to a new system and a very very long ballot?

Several Hamblen County races were very close too, adding to the overall nervousness - Commissioner Bobby Reinhardt (D) was unseated by challenger Reece Sexton by two votes, 158 to 160, incumbent Edwin Osborne (D) lost to Paul LeBel (R) 224 to 242. LeBel is also business partner to the Morristown city Mayor, Gary Johnson.

The contentious battle in the GOP Primary for US Senate was decided by East TN voters, with Chattanoogan Bob Corker taking the win.

As soon as I can verify the voter turnout totals for the county, I'll add that info here.

UPDATE: Trent's official website is here, with views offered on a variety of issues.

UPDATE II: Hamblen election officials estimate turnout for Thursday's primary was about 30-32 percent of registered voters. And a fine example of each vote being important - one commission seat was decided by only two votes!


  1. OXYMORON2:38 PM

    I sure hope Van Hilleary's loss doesn't aggravate any Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome that some times afflicts combat veterans. God knows what he must have suffered when our Air Force squared off against Iraq's during the 1991 war. Imagine what it must have been like trying to fight an Iraqi airforce that was buried in the sand.
    Think of the sand in Van Hillary's shorts. God, his suffering.

  2. Attention Readers!!

    Better consume this quickly as the proprietor of this establishment bristles when anyone serves up something besides the usual stale, bitter and trite brew usually seen around here.

    "I went to a reality show and a Hamblen County Commission meeting broke out".

    Until Thursday that statement has a remarkable perceptivity.

    However, now the voters of Hamblen County seem a bit more interested in their elected body generating jobs rather than embarrassment.

    They sent Edwin Osborn packing and popped a hole in his County Mayor trial balloon.

    They said no to Bobby Reinhardt - which is the same thing he has said for years to his former Morristown Utility colleagues.

    Earlier, they freed Tom Lowe from his weighty civic duties which will aloow him more time to headline Anti immigrant rallies with that zany and talented group "Carl Two Feathers and the Skinheads".

    And then there is Miss Audit herself, the ubiquitous Linda Noe. She chose to retire herself rather than allow the voters to retire her by a 2 to 1 margin. Now she can audit family yard sales; Kiwanis Club bake sales and preschool lemonade stands to her heart's content.

    Now we are left with only the Roe Junction Regulars to fill our Tuesday night entertainment and unfortunately they are as appealing as that meat loaf you left on the counter for two week while you vacationed at the beach.

    Hamblen County reminded Messers. Osborne, Reinhardt, Lowe and Noe that we will put up with your hijinks for one act but one act only - and there will be no encore.

  3. Jenn -
    all are welcome to comment and share views here as long as they keep a civil tone. if you can't make your viewpoint without insults, then yeah, said comments will be removed as they serve no purpose other than being hateful.

    if you find my views and opinions bitter, then don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  4. Meh, i wasn't too impressed with the way the elections went down. VERY disappointed that Osborne was beaten by LeBel. Nothing personal against either one, but LeBel's involvment has seemed to be fueled to further his own personal business interests, including those with our city mayor. Lovely. Because we need more of that around here.

    And even if one doesn't like the manner in which Noe conducted herself as a coucilperson, it doesn't negate ANY of her points. There seems to be no accountability for our local leaders - just the way they like it.

  5. P - a huge influence on public reaction (or lack of one) to affairs of local government is the directly related to the news they receive. that news is either none or severely biased by the single-sourced news/radio operations in the county.

    keeping the public uninformed or mis-informed provides for easy manipulation.