Monday, August 14, 2006

Mandatory Lie Detector Tests?

A fascinating story was cited today by Justin on KnoxViews about a "test" that's been taking place at the airport in Knoxville this summer. The project requires those who fly to take a mini lie-detector test in order to identify terrorists or other lawbreakers who take to the air.

The news story from the WSJ says:

The test alone signals a push for new ways to combat terrorists using technology. Authorities are convinced that beyond hunting for weapons and dangerous liquids brought on board airliners, the battle for security lies in identifying dangerous passengers.

Here is the Cogito concept: A passenger enters the booth, swipes his passport and responds in his choice of language to 15 to 20 questions generated by factors such as the location, and personal attributes like nationality, gender and age. The process takes as much as five minutes, after which the passenger is either cleared or interviewed further by a security officer."

So the ONLY way this dectection can work is if air passensgers are all subjected to this test?

Stupid, just stupid.


  1. The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

    I really am sick of all this freedom we have. I ready to give it all up for random searches and the like.

  2. I read about that dumb test.. where they measure your sweat, BP, etc.. when asked about terroristic activities. Hell, I'd fail it just because of fear of flying.