Tuesday, August 22, 2006

$126 Billion For Immigration Reform

Hysteria over immigrants legal and illegal abound and the furious fires being stoked got fanned even higher when a congressional report revealed the price tag for the Senate bill to "address the problem" -- 126 billion dollars over the next ten years.

That's a whopping $12.6 billion a year according to the CBO report, which brought out the righteous indignation of Rep. Tancredo who leads the opposition to the bill and supports a House version which offers a felony status for illegals and no changes to the guest worker programs. Both bills call for a 870 mile Fence Project.

Outrageous increases in payments via tax breaks, medical and SSI benefits are part of the cost too along with 31,000 more officers in law enforcement. Though it is noted by some supporters these costs will be offset by the tax revenues gained from the earnings of the immigrant sector.

The Washington Post story says:

Most people recognize there is going to be a price tag for fixing a broken immigration system, no question about that," said Ben Johnson, director of the Immigration Policy Center, which favors the Senate bill. "It still comes down to the moral question of 'How do we create a new, workable immigration policy?'"

Oh you got that part right -- the fact is no viable, practical solution has yet to emerge. Instead we have a political buzz factor - "protect our borders!!" and "it's time for a change!" but those who have been in charge for the last 8 years, led by Republicans, have failed to enforce existing laws and now want to throw one hundred and twenty-six billion dollars at the problem.

It's easy to frighten the White People with Brown Fear. And Fear continues to be the Weapon of Choice in political policy.

In one Pennsylvannia town, the mayor has taken to wearing a bulletproof vest in public, his Fear is so Great, and the town has decided to chase them dang outsiders away Wild West style, vowing to:

... get rid of the illegal people. It's this simple: They must leave ."

Other provision in Hazelton call for $1,000 a day fines for landlords who rent to illegals, revoking for five years the business license of any who employ an illegal.

Numerous cities and states are enacting their own laws to cope with the New Fear since the Republicans and Democrats in Washington can't get their programs organized.

Haphazard anger, ignorance and frustration are the polictical coin of the day. Taxpayers get an idiotic policy program and a massive ripoff. From Washingon DC to Your Home Town, the zero precent solution is gonna cost you.

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