Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Update on Bush Monarchy

More proof of the major conflict in Constitutional authority was presented yesterday by Justice Dept. attorney Steve Bradbury who informed a congressional committee " the President is always right."

Video here via Think Progress.

The events of the last few weeks reminds me of the 2004 reports that the President truly believes he is on a 'misson from God'.and that people in the 'reality-based' community cannot and should not be trusted. Article is here.

Is it simply wacky wingnut worries that a Monarchy has been made?


  1. Did you really need others to validate it for you? :)

    We can thank the supreme court of 2000 (among others)..

  2. no validation needed for me - i is jes' reportin' some facts. the reign has lasted for 6 years headed toward 8 .. or more ..

  3. OXYMORON7:12 PM

    Thats the new Article of The Bill of Rights: "The President is allways right."
    You didn't know?

  4. I can't stand it. I just can't stand it.

  5. Cinemonkey9:49 AM

    Is it too early for a remake of "The Madness of King George"?