Friday, July 14, 2006

Last Night's GOP Debate

Blame Mr Silence for this, He noted I should Update Readers as to my thoughts on last night's GOP candidates for Senate debate, even though I announced a preference yesterday.

First - Knox Sheriff Hutchison was a last minute no-show for his debate. Simple question follows: why does he get elected? I've heard and read so many scandals about him, he should either get the boot or go for a higher office as his political machine seems unstoppable. And isn't it time the legislature got off their butts and actually draft some regulations and requirements for someone to be Sheriff in Tennessee other than having a high school education? Or taking a training class after they are already elected?

The GOP debate was pretty predictable on all counts - no one emerged as a winner. Since there is no Democrat primary for this seat and Harold Ford Jr is a lock-in, then the real campaign issue is "How many Democrats will vote in the GOP primary and who will they pick?"

The questions were so lame - either fringe dweller issues like abortion, or loopy softball questions like "pick just one word to describe what your term as senator will be". Then there was the gross-out love-and-hugs promotion for WIVK, the Lame Talker. And all candidates continued to blast away at the current GOP-led Congress and Adminstration as unable to perform on immigration, energy policies, taxation, and national security. If the GOP's own think that their leadership is taking the nation in the wrong direction, then what do you think voters in general will think? Yep - time to vote Democrat.

If I were a non-committed voter reviewing possible candidates the answers from Hilleary were funny but not to any advantage, Bryant stumbled and fumbled over every word and the only smooth and polished performance came from Corker. The fact, as he noted, they all gang up on him indicates he is the one most likely to win.

As that non-committed voter, I would hardly be encouraged to vote after watching. Just take Van's comment of "I will do what I can for you" -- not a yes or a no, just a political brush-off.

Perhaps it would be wise for the Dems voting in the GOP primary to cast a ballot for Van, since he is least likely to win state-wide. Or maybe for Corker, since they think no honest-to-pete Conservative will vote for him.

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  1. I would like to call on ALL Tennessee Democrats to come out and vote for Van Hilleary in the Republican Primary. We really need west TN votes, since Van is pretty popular here in the east. Let's all do what we can to get Van on the GOP ticket in November against Harold Ford, Jr.