Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bush Sr, Officials Praise The Late Great Ken Lay

Perhaps the elected officials and business tycoons who praised the late and the convicted criminal Ken Lay have the courage, at least, to admit they admire Lay's level of fraud.

Not only did the Enron chief build a company that led him into the consulting rooms of policymakers at the local, state and national levels, not only did he goad employees and friends into buying a plummeting stock, not only did he erase the retirement and investments of thousands of people -- ultimately he escaped jail and his ill-gotten fortune will elude the grasp of law enforcement, and he is now the Victim of an American Tragedy.

Ken Lay was neither black nor poor, but he was a victim of a lynching,'' Rev. William Lawson, a Houston civil rights leader, said today at the service in Houston."

Yes, it's true - he was white and rich and pampered for all but a few months of trial and media scrutiny, and for a rich white guy, that must be the equal of being lynched.

Others in attendance included
Guests among the several hundred mourners included former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara, former U.S. Secretary of State James A. Baker III, ex-Secretary of Commerce Robert Mosbacher Sr., former Enron President John M. Seidl, heart surgeon Denton Cooley, Lay's defense lawyer Mike Ramsey and Drayton McLane Jr., owner of the Houston Astros baseball team.

A woman who conducts tours based on the collapse and fraud of Enron says she considers this more of a Greek Tragedy.


  1. I Agree w/ Squirrels on Snark that he's in the Caymans... he ain't dead tat all

  2. Is it too early to begin the process of declaring him a saint?
    I mean all that Mother Theresa did was take care of the poor.
    Ken Lay actually created poor people by robbing them of their retirement.
    What a fellow. A true martyr if ever there was one.

  3. Had I been drinking coffee when I read earlier that Bush Sr. was there, I'd have done a spit-take. Gaaa!

  4. I wish I could have got my name on his will somehow...then I too would tout his greatness.

  5. Yeppers, that boy is sippin' his pina colada & slappin' on the 45 sunscreen.

    Dead, my a**.

  6. Julie - well the Caymans are nice, and he worked hard enough to buy one or two.

    Squirrels - I'd bet cash money the Chamber of Commerce has already issued the Secret Sainthood Memo for Successful Business!

    Kathy - Spit takes ROCK!! heh heh

    Jed - His heirs are delighted to now that poppa's fortune has been saved.

    Sande - always thought he just reflected light, no need for sunscreen.

  7. Why stop at lynching? Why not just go the whole 9 and say Ken Lay was crucified? Why not just change his name to Jesus?