Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ann Coulter Hates Widows of 9-11

Who knew the "Today Show" would actually grow some teeth and tackle news now that Clueless Hairstyle Katie was gone?

Did Matt Lauer secretly yell "Finally!"

Judging by the comments he made today in an interview with the vile, money-grubbing, hate-filled myopic Ann Coulter, the answer is "YES!"

The following video shows how Matt poses a simple question of Ann Hater - er Coulter's - newest Hate-Filled Manifesto of No-GOP-No-Right-To-An-Opinon.

Coulter writes that the widows of those who died in 9-11 are a bunch of "broads" who whine and moan for the Evil Leftists by daring to speak dissent against the Bush and Clinton administrations. "Shut up," she tells them. "it was the nation that was attacked, who cares if yer spouse died! How dare you support a non-Republican!"

Two points for Matt for calling out her hate-filled hypocrisy.


  1. Ann Coulter is wrong.

  2. For those who may be offended by strong language do not read any further.

    Skeletor, er, Ann Coulter is a pustulaing cunt--a gangrenous sore on America's backside.
    Actually, that round of name-calling on my part is nothing compared to the adjectives I have created for her in my mind.
    There just isn't an expletive in existence potent enough to describe her sort of filth.
    It helps me to sleep at night knowing that I could kick her eating-disordered bony ass from here to Sunday if I had to.
    I'd start by ripping out her viscous tongue and shoving it up her over-Exlaxxed sphincter.

    I need a drink.
    Go Matt! Go!

  3. Matt comes through.
    Ann is a bitch and also a non-compassionate shrill.
    Joe, thanks for posting this.

  4. Well, great. I just threw up all over my keyboard.

  5. I love what Kathy Griffin had to say about Ann still wearing last night's party dress at 7 a.m.
    I agree w/ all of the above.
    She really needs to be laid.. by O'Reilly (no, all he can do is phone sex..)
    Ok, how about Limbaugh? (nah.. the narcs keep the libido too low)
    Well, someone just hand her a 2 wk-old corncob & let 'er rip.

  6. Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on old Ann. I mean isn't marginalizing widows a guilty pleasure for all of us. Don't we all secretly love to see people have their spouces die then not let them talk about it.

  7. my God, Melvin ... you have truly spoken some wisdom there. I know (sadly) how some families/friends only see marginalizing a surviving spouse as their attitude of choice.
    It's as if we fear the maddnes of Death being too near.

    Sande - are we sure Ann is female? the orgasm needed might well rupture tectonic plates.

    Tits - Ann vomits on her keyboard and sells it as "writing."

    Editor - 'Over-Exlaxxed Sphincter is a phrase that applies to so many people.

  8. It isn't an eating disorder that keeps Miss Wrong so skeletal. Ann Coulter is a cocaine addict. Mark this. It will all come out soon enough. Then she really can play the victim, like Limbaugh did with Oxycontin.