Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ann Coulter Gets Wish: She's A Victim!

The unabashed enthusiasm that the possibility of huge book sales and money, money, money which envelopes ersatz writer Ann Coulter is palpable and real - like stepping in steaming dog vomit.

She embodies the heart and soul Christian values - Jesus says (in her parlance) to battle the liberal, yea, verily. (as spoken on Tucker Carlson's show.) She added this thought - "Do I have to kill my mother so I can be a victim too?"

No, Ann, you have found out a quicker way to being a victim - Just speaking stupid, half-thought, nonsensical gibberish, you have become a Victim of Stupidity. Job done.

Then there's her assertion that Jews are Christians too, but not Episcopalians. (Um, isn't President Bush a member of the Episcopalian church, or does he just attend to keep a watchful eye on liberals?) I guess the same goes for other members of that religion, James Madison and George Washington. Perhaps you to follow that twisted bastion of Satan.

However, don't doubt her marketing savvy - I'm sure Jesus would have appreciated her evangelistic fervor to spread the Gospel. By not actually discussing the info in her book, she has instead focused the spotlight on her.

And, she becomes a victim again! A victim of the It's All About Me Generation.

I also appreciated her thoughts that the President can use the tragic events of death and destruction of the terrorist attack on NYC and the Pentagon, 'cause he's the president. He has "Executive power". Yeah, if Jesus had only had some kind of Constitutional authority, then maybe he could have placed 135,000 troops into battle against the liberals.

Yet, as Michelle Malkin notes, the Crime, the Evil cited by Coulter is that a group of widows took political action, called for a federal commission into the events of 9-11, appeared on television and are active in supporting candidates and policies they feel represent their views.

Coulter and Malkin agree - that kind of political expression is the work of Satan. Being critical of them is not enough. Perhaps tarring and feathering them for having a political view out of touch with the heights of moral Republican beliefs is treason.


  1. Ack! That gangly, manly giraffe, I hate her so much! In the same way you can polish a turd, you can put a vicious bitch in a dress and you still have a vicious bitch. AT and I were discussing which methods of death would be most satisfactory in dispatching her. If she actually believes half of what she says, she is one of the most cold, frigid hateful people on the face of the earth.
    Uh, I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?

  2. And now she's #1 on Amazon book sales. Even being vile & everything negative.. sells.
    I wouldn't use those pages for fanny paper.
    I also read that she's considering suing NBC for slander. The proverbial pot!

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  4. She is so manly isn't she? I swear she has an adam's apple. I think she doesth protest too loudly and is a closet liberal. Wouldn't that just eat her up if we were to spread that rumor... I read about her assertion of the 'Witches of east..' (the widows) and just when I thought she couldn't sink on her knees any lower for bush...she sho enough did.

    Someone needs to tell her that Jesus didn't give excections,, it was 'Acceptance'.. she must have had an ear infection that day of the sermon...

  5. OXYMORON11:14 AM

    I think we all have met a version of Coulter. She is the chick at the bar of the local pickup spot, dressed in a tight mini with her financed boobs popping out of her halter top, complaining for everyone to hear that she wishes she could just go out for a drink without being hit on, while she glares at version of Monica L. laughing at a dirty joke, and fumes that anyone 5 pounds overweight actually dates.
    I am trying to be nice.
    She is pitiful, actually, and I say this with no compassion.

  6. Hateful, hateful, hateful bitch. That's all I have to say.

  7. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I see that my comment that was somewhat positive about Ann was subsequently removed unceremoniously. Just like liberals to be utterly intolerant of opposing positions.

  8. Anon --

    perhaps you failed to post your comment correctly. I don't know.

    or yeah, maybe it's that darned "liberal conspiracy". (yawn) I hardly spend time moderating comments from a post almost a year old. and the above comment is the first such from an Anonymous I've seen on this post. i have little sympathy or concern for those who lack enough conviction of their own opinions to sigh a name to them.

    but if it makes you feel snug that you comments were benched, feel free.