Saturday, May 20, 2006

Your Personal Invitation

I'm approaching my 300th post here - a minor achievement for some, but large for me - and to celebrate I'm guest-blogging at Nashville Is Talking for the weekend. Having grown up in Middle TN, it's nice to be back, virtually speaking.

Come join me - suggest topics or links, lurk, and generally add your 2 cents.

For NIT readers arriving here for the first time, please take your time, scan through the posts here and you'll understand why folks like their Cup of Joe.

Man, I love the shameless self-promotion opportunities like this.


  1. Your doing a great job over at NiT. I'm enjoying your weekend stint.

  2. Congrats on # 300!

  3. james6:17 PM

    Congratulations are in order Jor.An aside though,you don't return my e-mails,you don't call,you don't return my dvds,"sob" you don't love me anymore. "HEH

  4. Jor? As in Jor-El maybe?

    Thanks James -

    Don't worry about those DVDs - they have such a nice home now! heh heh ... Who knows, maybe I'll write about them soon and then give them back.

  5. hey joe, thanks for visiting my blog. I've just looked up your blog - all the best for our 300th post anniversary and beyond- I'll be coming back - I like your taste in movies and your other interests. Take care!

  6. I liked your weekend guest posts, Joe.

    Congrats on 300, and welcome back!

  7. Good job at NiT, Joe.

    Are there Pals in Morristown? If so, I'll be there asap. A chipped ham and cheese sounds soooooo good.

  8. Pals? you mean the one with the giant burger, hot dog and fries built onto the building -- then oh yes.

    i love them burgers - and who doesn't like Food Architecture! heh heh