Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TN Suit Over Phones Database

One Tennessee resident has filed a suit against phone giant Bell South over their actions of providing phone information to the NSA. However, despite published reports, phone companies claim they have not provided any such info the the NSA. And to make this trail more twisty, the White House, which had claimed no such massive database in the NSA from phone records, has now decided now to inform congressional committees about the NSA domestic spying programs after congress invoked the always-spooky and murky maze of the 1947 National Security Act.

Oooooooh, I'm getting dizzy from all the spin. "Press one if you want to file suit, press two if you need a non-denial denial, press three if you're a reporter whose sources were outed, press three if you need a White House plumber, press four if you want to change the topic to illegal immigration and if you'd prefer to talk to a real person then hang up and go outside and one of our agents will meet you in the park by the old cannon. Your code phrase is "The chair is against the wall."

Both Bell South and Verizon claim they are not working with the NSA, though AT and T said they did work with law enforcement they avoided mention of the NSA. Since companies will track cell phone transactions and sell them to anyone, why all this secret investigation? Seems that all you need is a.) some cash and with the economy all good, no prob, or b.) a phone company employee who will provide the info on the sly so the company can claim no "official" action was taken.

Quick, which 1970s movie told the story of the phone company conspiracy behind a plot to take over the world and the assassination of a president??? Anyone?? Bueller? .... No? It's here.Time to put my aluminum hat back on!!


  1. They didn't have the votes for or didn't want to make a circus out of the Hayden nomination and so decided to follow the law to brief the entire committees to get a favorable recommendation for Hayden. You might get more direct help with the murky maze in my Classified Information post.

  2. WM - thanks for the link!

  3. I have that hat too.