Monday, May 15, 2006

Plop - I Mean Pop Culture Roundup

So many, many joke present themselves when you mention that Paris Hilton is a video game. But the best one so far is that she dosen't know the name of it, despite making sure to hit the E3 show to promote it. The again, those who consume all things Hilton don't care what it's called do they?

The info is here, at a web site for snarky people. The even have a real life meeting of the famously failed Letterman-at-the-Oscars joke of "Oprah ... Uma ... Uma ... Oprah."

A very funny interview with actor Tom Hanks and the upcoming "DaVinci Code" hype was tackled with much style on the NPR game show "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" which you can listen to here. I liked it when Roy Blount Jr asked Hanks "Did you deal directly to Satan or did His People talk to Your People?"

Also worth noting was a fine round of jokes about Drinking Monkeys and Marlon Brando's pants.


  1. I'm afraid this Davinci Code will surely bring down the Christian church,, the all great and powerful book/movie that it is..after all, it is the first time anyone has ever asserted these ideas (ahem..) and should be such a threat to such a feeble institution... Down w/ the Movie, bad tom hanks (insert snicker)

  2. even if he is the Anti-Christ, Hanks still has better publicity than Tom Cruise ...
    and i noticed that a heap of folks liked posting that Al Gore bit on SNL too ... great minds.