Thursday, May 18, 2006

Duh! Senate Realizes English Be Spoke Here

In a bold stroke of stating the obvious, the Senate has approved legislation making English the official language of this country. Um ... it already was. Did we need a federal law to make it so?

I agree with the following comment from Sen. Harry Reid on this one:

"Although the intent may not be there, I really believe this amendment is racist. I believe it is directed at people who speak Spanish"

All of the mangled mess of immigration legislation will require those who'll be elected in the fall to be on clean-up duty, meaning I doubt these current "reforms" will stand for very long. Seems there's so much unreasoning, isolationist fear that regular voters will have to do some cleaning out too.

Or we can continue the trend to pass meaningless law -

Like making the Sky and Clouds the official Overhead Part of the Country.

Silly, yes? Then the motives behind this legislation are clear - to exclude, isolate, imtimidate. Maybe we should pass a Dialect Law in Tennessee. Outlaw the Georgia Drawl!!

As Homer Simpson said, "Why should I learn English? I don't live in England!"

Since I have a degree in English - am I a Federal Employee now?


  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I talk American...

  2. Anonymous2:38 AM

    That's a very expansive use of the term "racist." Linguist, maybe.

  3. This nonsense, the gay marriage ban, the national guard being sent to the border... how do people not see this as the obvious election-year diversion that it is?

    The whole thing just makes me throw right up.

  4. You're very right.. it's a ploy to get one's mind off the important issues.
    The GOP must be very dizzy from all the spinning & creative diversions.

  5. Um... OK... I give up.
    I'm tired and I give up.