Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Not Dullsville Anymore

When I was growing up in middle TN, it was the dullest place in the world. Of course, any small town or mid-sized or any size has that creepy underbelly, weird scenes and characters from a David Lynch nightmare. But in the way-long-ago times of the 1970s, the string of towns along I-40 between Nashville and Knoxville were at best a home to a McDonald's ... maybe a Pizza Hut that served beer.

Today, stop in Crossville for instance, and you'll have many choices of espresso bars to choose from, some sushi or micro-brew pubs. Franchise eateries, massive shopping complexes, cyber-cafes dot the midnight landscapes of 24 hour and 21st century life.

Still, it was shocking to hear the case last year of the junior high teacher caught having sex with students - Pamela Rogers Turner made national news and she's making it again complete with a MySpace web page where she claims to be from France. Hat tip to Nashville Is Talking for this link. If the page truly is her creation - WOW - what an idiot. Not just for writing like a 7th grader ticked off at her parents on a bored Tuesday night, but also for advertising herself and her love on the Interwebs. And I said "If the page is her creation."

The wildest thing I ever knew a 9th grade, mid-20s female teacher to do was to sneak me a copy of "Catcher in the Rye", which was banned at our wee schoolhouse.

Still, life can be dull to anyone - which is why I liked The Dullest Blog In The World.


  1. My ninth grade teacher is now the county mayor. He is still sort of an asshat, but it's weird, I thought he was so old back then and he is an actuality only nine years older.
    Oh yeah, he is sort of simple-minded for a politician. He refuses to get a cell phone or use a computer and calls himself a confederate democrat.
    Incidentally, that Pamela Turner is really a piece of work. She is a sexual predator if she is tossing the sheets with these boys. It isn't romantic, just disturbing.

  2. Turner was supposed to register as a sex offender after her release from jail but did not - that's just one of numerous violations of her probation. From the news reports, she could end up serving the rest of her suspended eight year sentence.

    Plus, giving a "shout-out" to yer former jailer's on yer MySpace page -- that's a big ol' asshat.

  3. Isn't "simple-minded" the definition of most "politicians"?

  4. Maybe she'll get a pass like the FL school teacher who was said to have been 'too pretty to put into jail'.
    And she got probation!! Hello??

    My hubby wants to know where all these wanton teachers were when he was in school..

  5. That blog is genius. Thanks for the link, Joe.

    As for Pamela Rogers Turner, it just makes me want to throw right up.

  6. I just got back from the dullest blog in the world.
    Joe, You are a freakin' genius to find this.
    And yes, the editor, you pretty much hit the nail on the head.
    But this guy is very, very, very simple.
    Or Stupid. Take your pick.