Saturday, April 01, 2006


There is no point in attempting to make an April Fool's Day joke on a blog, not when the real world offers such voluminous amounts of goofy truths. Take the newly emerging and growing line of NSACAR-themed items headed your way.

Hungry? Get ready to race to the store and get ya some NASCAR meat. (Which reminds me, once, many years ago, an Improv Comedy group I worked with tried in vain for months to complete a skit about French speed-eating contest called Nascargot. Just never worked, even with names of the potential hosts like Guy Wallace and Yves Harvick.)

Feeling romantic? Get ya some NASCAR romance novels.

And maybe the next horror movie to hit the big time will be called "The NASCAR Chainsaw Massacre."

Read all about these items here. (via Boing Boing)

And if you still prefer some fine April Fool's Day fun, my fave arrives with the headline "Breaking News: President Bush Resigns" and details how VP Cheney is sworn in at the Fox News studio.

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  1. O lord, I still wept tears of joy at that April Fools headline. We can only hold out hope..