Sunday, March 19, 2006

Patriot Act - The Board Game

What happens when you blend the game of Monopoly with the so-called "Patriot" Act?

You get a board game where the object is to be the last player to retain any Civil Liberties.

Instead of landing on say, Oriental Avenue, you land on color-coded terror alert sites, and get Homeland Security cards instead of Chance cards. And you don't Go To Jail - you go to Gitmo.

Read more here. (Note the story refers to the "inventor" of the game as an "artists" and "activist". (and hat-tip to the Rodeo Monkey for the story)

Next oddity of the day arrived via Cherokee Sage Woman. Police raid a near-full blown factory manufacturing snack foods made of marijuana - complete with names like "Pot Tarts" and "Buddhafingers."

And one more - the Las Vegas artist who found his BBQ chicken made him the "Rodney King of Chicken."


  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    The AP story ID's the creator as an American of Arab heritage, will that mean alot of backlash against him for this game, as an Arab? What it the creator of it was Jewish or Christian or Japanese? I fear huge backlash against him for being Arab-AMerican and of course not fair. He has same right to satire as everyone else. He lives here too. ANy news on this?

  2. I suppose the writer or editor of this AP story considered the game creator's race an important factor in the story since they included it in their narrative.

    I doubt it would have been mentioned if the inventor had been, say, of Irish descent or Norwegian.

    However, satiric cartoons about beliefs and policies have in recent months prompted rioting and anarchy and raging debates.

    I can't say if satire is illegal just yet. I can say Arabic origins are suspect in today's America (except of course, when it comes to numbers, as we all still use the Arabic system ... for now.)