Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Green Party Candidate Seeks 1st District

The open race for Congress here in East Tennessee has one candidate that isn't much like the usual choices - not that there has been much of a choice since Jimmy Quillen took the seat in 1962. But Green Parrty candidate member Robert N. Smith has announced his campaign as of last week with some scathing comments for both Republicans and Democrats.

Smith is a 20-year vet from the Navy and hhs announcement story can be read here at the Greeneville Sun. What are some of his views on national politics?

During the last 40 years I have seen the Republican Party go from a party of financial responsibility and small government to something I can only call National Socialism.

“The Democrats in the same time have gone from representing the little people to Republican Lite. Nether party represents me or most people I know.”

He has a "19-point campaign platform" which the article mentions too:

1- Impeach Bush/Cheney and lesser officials for treason, the one charge that the president cannot grant a pardon for;

“2- Pull out of Iraq/Afghanistan and allow U.N. forces to do the job of peacekeeping, rebuilding;

“3- Rescind the unconstitutional Partriot Act;

“4- Call for sharp reductions in defense spending, with the savings going to essential social/environmental programs

More is in the article.


  1. With a platform like that he has my vote! I always throw my vote away on the independent parties, I keep hoping it will catch on!

  2. OXYMORON7:29 PM

    He's got my vote.

    fuck the libertarians.