Sunday, March 26, 2006

From What I've Read

I've realized that in addition to the links I offer on this page, I should also from time to time provide some links to other blogs and posts which I read. I enjoy roaming the blog world and reading all types of opinions and info and news, and hope you enjoy this Sunday roundup. Click away!

- On all the anger from the Right.

- Does Barbara Bush profit from donations to Katrina Aid?

- Some local views on the Immigration debate.

- Do not change eminent domain laws. Or maybe we should.

- Some cool gadgets. And the Cool Hunters home.

- Goodbye and RIP to the creator of the Bakersfield Sound, Buck Owens.

- The Big Cheese.


  1. Oh pee-yew.. I've been in a cheese factory in Holland.. what an assault on the olfactories!

    Good links.. thanx.

  2. The whole idea of Babs' Katrina relief donations being conditional upon the purchase of Neil's "educational" software makes me throw right up.

    Elitist assholes.

  3. I like the round-up. Very good idea.