Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Other T-Shirt Banned At State Address

Some will debate whether or not Cindy Sheehan's t-shirt worn at the State of the Union address was an act worthy of expulsion.

But Florida congressman Bill Young's wife was also ejected for wearing a shirt with these words:

"Support The Troops Defending Our Freedom".

UPDATE 1/02/06 : Charges dropped for wearing a T-Shirt and apologies issued, Though my thoughts regarding the issue which I made distinct in the comments below remain the same.


  1. Ahh, the yeng and yang of things!

  2. Interesting that Ms. Young wasn't hand-cuffed, arrested or rough housed, the way Cindy was. Just a gentle ejection.

  3. Cindy was curteous and Mrs Young by her admission was rude and angry.
    Wonder if she will sue

  4. ummm ...people, let me ask you this -
    why eject either of them, much less arrest anyone???
    what crime was committed?
    what horrific breach of conduct existed?
    wasn't there some mention during the address about America being a land of freedom which no one could hold back?
    it seems to me as if the mentality is akin akin to being shoved into a locker at middle school 'cause ya didn't wear school colors to the pep rally.

    Maybe I should be more distinct - both removals are horseshit.