Friday, January 13, 2006

Camera Obscura - Winter In America's Box Office

I've noticed it before - what type of movies usually follow the Christmas and New Year's holiday? Horror movies. I'm not sure if it says more about the worldview of distributors or audiences. Perhaps both. Perhaps after it's part of a balancing act humans require - follow good will toward men with ripping and shredding and killing off everyone.

The gore-fest karma-for-hedonists feature "Hostel" took the number one slot at the box office last weekend. With credits for the movie listing "Quentin Tarantino presents" and newcomer Eli Roth as director (maker of "Cabin Fever"), critics seem to be so appalled by the grim nature of the movie they either love it for being so disturbing or hate it for being so disturbing.

Another dance with dark desires, though not horror, appears as a companion piece to "Hostel," with actor Johnny Depp as a depraved and dangerous poet and friend to aristocrats in a period movie called "Libertine." Think Evil Jack Sparrow.

Speaking of evil, I know of no other directors working today who are as hated as Uwe Boll. Web sites and discussion boards rage at his lack of ability and his constant awfulness. Some say he's the Ed Wood of the 21st century. 2006 sees his newest hit the screens with a movie based on a silly splatterfest video game called "Bloodrayne". The critics agree, it's just plain awful. But this would-be vampire movie has such odd casting I am almost intrigued - almost. Meatloaf, Udo Kier, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Madsen and the robot chick from "Terminator 3", Kristanna Lokken -- the only one missing is Snoop Dogg as Van Helsing.

Boll's company has been taking advantage of a tax loophole in Germany which allows for all movies that lose money to be used as total writeoff - though that law is changing this year and I expect Boll's career will likely end as a result. There's even a Public Service Announcement by some very unhappy gamers warning you to fear him.


  1. Cinemonkey2:39 PM

    Any movie with Kristanna Loken & Ol' Man Loaf's boy, Meat, is worth a look.

  2. worth a look yes, perhaps, for oddities sake alone. but Uwe Boll just sucks.

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Yo Joe, we need to make a trip to the Isle of Man. Me for the bike geek thing (TT, Joey Dunlop memorial, and PUBS! LOTS of PUBS) You, for this obvious reason...

  4. Itchybro - thanks for that picture link!! Looks like I do in need to consider a trip, not to mention the chance for multiple Pub Crawls!