Wednesday, November 02, 2005

These Blogs Are Made of People!!!

I want to say thanks to a few folk who have been very supportive and helpful as I unsteadily wander out onto the Web and teeter-totter about while trying to sound off about whatever crosses my small but busy mind.

Most recently, Rex L. Camino was good enough to link to my post about horror movies and politics on Nashville Is Talking, where he subbed for a weekend.

The mastheads I have used come from the kindness of The Editor, so go to her page there and urge The Editor to keep on posting since she has been absent somewhat and busy. We all wants to know more from her insights.

Some other artwork which helped launch this site came from Tennessee Jed and TJ has also been a constant and valued supporter. Much thanks go as well to Life Is A Comedy, who has been working on a Triskabiblios deal which I have yet to understand.

It's really amazing where connections get made, and amazing as well the people I've met online and off since I started this just a few short months ago. One such connection was with Juliepatchouli, who is both funny and compassionate and is mighty pretty in person too.

It's also been good to converse back and forth with folks like Mr. Silence, and so thanks to him for his work and hope you feel better soon. In fact, the entire Rocky Top Brigade has been a source of constant information, news, humor and perspectives, not to mention a great gathering place for readers and writers in Tennessee and beyond.

From somewhere out in the Web, the folks at the Stinkhorn Rodeo arrived, and have likewise added links to this Cup. The Rodeo is quite a fun place to go - I love their subtitle which reads "We put the stink in Distinction."

I do encourage you to visit all the links on this page, as all are good reads. I am still building this blog and have far to go. It's good to find so many people who are getting their viewpoints and thoughts out -- I don't have to wait for a reporter or a TV camera. We share information and ideas without a lot of interference and with tremendous freedoms. It scares the bejesus out of publishers and corporate high-hats that we can talk to each other, and yes, I know it takes a lot of corporate tech for all of us to write and publish on the Web. But the opening has been made and people are everywhere.

So thanks for watching these baby steps here and not laughing where I could see it. And keep your cards and letters coming. I has yet begun to write.


  1. Quote from: "2001 A Space Odyssey"..."My God its full of stars!" Blogs are little monolyths floating in cyber-space full of ideas and perspectives. While they may not contain anything absolutly new the are the first time around for all who post them. Like watching children on the swing set for the first time, it is wonderful to witness.

    You have met the Great Juliepatchouli! I have yet to place my natural eyes on her, but I bet I know her.

    A nice day to live and be alive here, now.

  2. Wahoo for the shout out to Juliepatchuli! She's da bomb.
    And as sweet as a mint julip!

  3. Mr. Powell -

    Appreciate ya'll mentionin' the Rodeo to yer readers. Me and Concha Loca and the Chief and everone down to the Stinkhorn Ranch has been readers of yorn fer a while.

    Drift by the Ranch as often as ya can, and we'll make a body welcome.

    Well, I got some chores to get to.

    Johnny Rawhide

  4. Sandegaye --

    I'd rate her much higher than mint julep.
    Just sayin'

  5. You must have me confused w/ someone else!!
    Tennessee Jed, you and the missus and I must meet sometime, Im sure we have crossed path sometime here or in the cosmos!!
    That joe guy is pretty sweet and special himself and I heard he used to have a mullett back in the 80's as well. but then who didn't?

  6. Mullet!!! LOL

    I knew I should have told people to go to your page and sign their comments "Mullet."

  7. Joe....? A mullet...?
    I will not sleep tonight. If my pit bull provided any sort of protection (other than against squirrels and the demonic doorbell of doom), I would think she could frighten away the horrible nightmare of Joe with a mullet, but alas, it is not so.

    Speaking of hair, Joe, before you present yourself to Ms. Julie again, lets get that hair trimmed. You should be neat and presentable for the lovely lass.