Monday, November 14, 2005

Doubters - Why Do They Worry You So?

Kevin Drum and Glenn Reynolds have had a disagreement.

You can read about their arugment thru the links above - and yes, this is my first attempt at the mini-post style. Your job? Link, Read and Discuss.


  1. OK, I read them.. am now soooo dizzy from the SPIN..the SPIN!

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  3. well julie -- ol' glenn's instapundit sure does have a lot of readers, but i am not one of them. i do read kevin drum often and it looked to me like drum busted glenn pretty good for his shrill "everyone who doubts Bush's Master Plan is unpatriotic" rant.
    since ol' glenn is an ET blogger, i thought people should know he is also a shrill extremist too. and many in ET disagree with him.

  4. What?? I Didn't say anything, man you are paranoid jp. tee hee