Monday, October 03, 2005

Which One Are You?

After the last few weeks and months of constant bickering and whining by the political parties about who is to blame for one issue or another, I think it is more clear than ever that our current two-party domination of politics is broken and can't correct itself. The constant fundraising excludes any participant not a millionaire, million-dollar fundraiser, lobbyist, or large corporate company. Too often the issue gets ignored and the argument is made that a vast right-wing or left-wing conspiracy is the source of the problem and WHOOSH -- the issue disappears as the elusive "wings" take flight.

I know there are centrists and extremists within both parties, and it has become an easy shorthand to say left, right, Democrat, Republican. Any non-party person who seeks office at any level has as much chance as a snowball in hell of just getting on a ballot. The media - large and small - won't give them a sight of their sacred backsides. Ultimately, we are a people without real choice in elections. Some 15 years ago the nation was eyeing a third party and seeing some success, but that has become a joke. The Libertarian Party has been successful in very limited areas. As voters, we are left with a shrill debate that plays more like a Third grade "Did!" and "Did not!" screaming fit.

I have friends in both parties and they too feel these constrictions, and that should concern us all.

Over the weekend, I noticed some blog folks were using a "test" from an online dating company called OkCupid (sorry, no link for you on my site) to discover their political place. Yeah, if they can get you a date then OF COURSE they can help you define your political views. Yeah, sure.

Let's be honest, here. The corruption is thick and reform is a buzz-word signifying nothing. Think I'm wrong? Then look at this page, which though written in humor, reveals the Third grade argument in clear form. And it should tell you we need some fresh options instead of the exact same debates served up again and again and again and again.


  1. I have been saying for years (in simple Jed form) "If the only choices you have are crooks, then you best vote for the one who will steal a little your way."

    Whatever happened to that kind of Statesman who already had enough of his own money and did not even take a salary from the people?

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Amen. Maybe both parties have left the party faithful and principle behind.

  3. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Yeah, that's what we need...a bunch of elite rich folk who need no salary running the country for the rest of us who have to work.

    We are supposed to have a government that is representative of it's people, and I have news for you, they are not all rich. They have familys and have to support them just like "real" folks.

    I'll take them any day over Tennessee jed's "statesmen"...

    Get real!

  4. Jed - There is one approach to consider - ban those who leave office, either appointed or elected, from working as a lobbyist until four years pass.

    And Anonymous #2 - And can you name a single elected official in DC or on the state level who IS NOT in an elite class?

  5. Y'all should come out and stay a spell on the Ranch. I'm teaching the chickens how to tell the difference 'tween an honest man and a politician.

  6. Thanks there Concha Loca. Hope the readers and voters can start to tell the difference too and make changes when they vote!!