Wednesday, October 05, 2005

There's a Bomb in Your Mouth?

I don't know which is stranger -- the idea of telling people you have a bomb in your mouth as you attempt to rob a bank, or the picture with that story of an explosives robot probing that same dude's mouth.

Taxpayers often know their money goes down the drain, but sometimes the drain itself is a tax recipient. That is one expensive pay toilet.

It also appears that the courts are trying to figure out when, if, or how the name Bill Monroe can be used. Maybe there's a bluegrass song that can explain it all.

Since we're on the subject of music, Sen. Bill Frist somehow managed to sell off his shares of the Jim Reeve's Museum just a week before it was demolished. Sen. Frist, under investigation by the SEC for selling stocks in his daddy's company, apparently became a fan of the legendary Reeves in college and even got tagged with the nickname "sweet lips," after a line from the tune "He'll Have To Go", according to the Nashville Scene. (OK, that one is in The Fabricator section, so it's, well, you know, fabricated. But all the other ones today are real.


  1. That robot mouth checker photo is the future airport security system. Is it 1984 already?

  2. Jed-
    Just how does one speak with a bomb in their mouth?
    I kept thinking of Woody Allen's "Take the Money and Run," where bank tellers argue with him that his robbery note was too hard to read -- "does that say 'gub'?
    you have a 'gub'? "no that's an 'n', it says 'gun'." "no, it looks like a 'gub' to me."

  3. Rimshot Monkey11:08 PM

    If you crossed the mouth-bomb guy with the shoe-bomb guy, would you get a foot-in-mouth-bomb guy? No, wait....that's Bush....

  4. Maybe a bomb could be planted in a tongue-piercing?

    By the way... love your blog! You are witty and poignant.

  5. Thanks Sarah.

    Always glad to hear from readers, especially when they make compliments!

    And - OW!! - an explosive tongue-piercing!!

    I'll be sure to spend some time reading on your page and hope others will too!!