Saturday, October 08, 2005

Energy Hog Feeds On You

The GOP muscle in Congress has given the oil companies more tax breaks so they don't have to spend their record profits to invest in the creation of more oil refineries in the U.S. The House vote was supposed to take 5 minutes, but was held open for 50 minutes so they could get passage of a bill, which hopefully the Senate will kill, but more likely they'll just trim the edges. It echoes the rule-twisting vote in July on CAFTA.

2004 profits for ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, and ConocoPhillips broke records across all industries. In fact, last year, at over $25 billion, ExxonMobil booked the highest profit of any company in any year in history. Yet, oil company memos show that they made part of these profits by constraining refining capacity to drive up prices. These record profits have not only more than doubled CEO salaries, but they have driven up political contributions, a staggering $450 million in the past six years. So, while consumers are paying at the pump, oil companies are getting billions in tax breaks and sweetheart deals from the Bush administration and their congressional allies." via American Progress.

Add to this the most idiotic public service campaign I've ever seen from the Department of Energy, with the stupifying and ridiculous "Energy Hog" as emblem of conservation. It's aimed at children, ages 8 to 13, as if THEY were the ones who are the Real Power behind high energy prices. It is sponsored by the DOE, Home Depot, The North American Insulation Manufacturers, the National Fuel Fund Network, as well as about 20 state energy offices.

The hog is chowing down - on you.


  1. This is the real pig in a jacket

  2. Now Joe be fair! Oil companys need the profits so they can get the proper people in the White House.

  3. More money for oil companies, they are going under!! :)
    I heard a great interview w/ Willie nelson. He said all his buses run on soy bean oil - and his own cars on used veggie oil he gets from restaurants. He says there is no reason we can't put our farmers to work.
    I love me some Willie. And some joe and jed.

  4. Hey Julie -

    much thanks for reading. Willie is mighty fine indeed (as is the Jedited
    I just discovered this Spring that when Rudolf Diesel invented his engine, he had designed it to run on vegetable oil, but none of the new
    rising engine makers wanted that - they were partners with the new petroleum business and told him they would never use his engines UNLESS
    he converted to petroleum.
    We have been getting the 'drive-shaft' for a long long time.
    I guess i need to do a separate post on that topic!