Monday, September 26, 2005

Some Other Flavors or Tuesday At Last

We is past the Monday -- well it is evening, and that's close enough. Scanning back thru some of the recent posts here I know it seems as if Gloom were my only clothing and it ain't. I like to point to some of the absurd horror the good ole U S of A churns out like some 24-hour Slurpee machine, but they is other flavors and I know I'd like some so I know yer prolly hankering fer some too. (yep, been readin some old Pogo comics and I start talking like this). Sometimes the Absurd is sweet, like pie on yer birthday with ho-made ice cream (ya want cake, get it, i like pie on my birthday). Sometimes, the taste of the Absurd would elude even a description by Proust. (I saw an old Cagney move the other day, "Boy Meets Girl", 1938, and he was this movie scriptwriter who spoke so fast I wondered if he was mainlining coffee er something. Anyway, in the midst of this slapstick comedy he throws out a Proust reference and I wondered what in Sam Hill did the audience make of that in 1938. It's a dang funny movie though, especially if yer like me and up at 4 am and wondering what ever happened to sleep.)

Where was I? Oh yes I is. Allow me to introduce you to a Web Stop I love to make, called "blogjam dot cow". It's from "across the pond" as they say, and the post of Sept. 20th has something anyone could like -- how to make the perfect chip -- which means French Fries here, unless The Gov made it illegal to say it. Man, oh man, do they look good!! The dude here has some serious zeal in the kitchen. Once he had a wild game cookout and posted all the details and I was slobberin' fer some grilled zebra and spicy locust chow. (Jes' say the phrase blogjam dot cow and you'll smile some).

He also is The Brain behind one of the most omni-present items to be found on the Web: Cat Pictures. He has a great site called the Random Kitten Generator, which means lots of cat pics. And so far, it has passed over 100,000,000 page impressions. And check out his Cats In Sinks -- yep, jes' like the name says it is. There's also his Animal Portal, which is great for kids and also includes the sounds each animal makes. I never knew what a lemur from Madagascar looked liked much less how it sounded, so I loved clicking on that one over and over. My neighbors musta loved that. Little bugger can really howl and hoot. And if you do nothing else, you'll find his short film of what Neil Armstrong really said when he landed on the moon some of the filthiest stuff a NASA man ever said.

Here's two of the 100 quotes from the profile of blogjam dot cow's creator:
26. My first proper job was working at McDonalds on Saturdays. I was fired before my trial period had expired for shooting the manager in the face with a mayonnaise gun. It was not an accident.
28. I was once given a morphine suppository.

Since we are on the Other Continent, why just looky here at what has happened in the old Soviet Union -- they've discovered that sex makes ya feel "healthy, cheerful, strong, and beautiful. In other words - pretty dang good. Why, that could be the tag line fer Gold Bond Medicated Powder. Pravda has the story, so there is some kind of changes a'happenin in the ol' Russky-land. (Though I'm sure since I've linked to this page I'll end up on another watch list.)

Two more to go: This next one is courtesy of The Rodeo Monkey, who has found a vast compendium of knowledge about Sock Monkeys and Space Monkeys and even, yes, a Space Sock Monkey. There's pages of stuff here to read while yer boss ain't looking, from the Able to Zira and beyond.

(Oh and since I did not add this note before, I will add it here -- the new Masthead at the top of the page was created by The Editor, that saucy wench, whose patience and skill about computers I can nearly eliminate in seconds flat, so thanks fer the banner, Editor)

And jes' cause I asked him, Tennessee Jed made up one of those photos that jes' make me laugh. Jed says there's half a bajillion like 'em on Google if ya go searchin', but this one here is pure, Grade-A Jed-Made. I like this picture, cause when I was a kid, this feller was jes' a goofball inside MAD Magazine -- and hey, looky, he grew up and became President!!


  1. Rodeo Monkey8:34 AM

    You should read more Pogo, Joe (Hey! That rhymes!) S'better 'n Xanax.
    What? Me President? Nice goin', Jed.
    Thanks fer the shoutout.

  2. We love you over here on the Ranch, Mr. Powell. Keep up the good work, and watch out fer Evil Space Sock Monkeys. They is mean little critters.

  3. When are you going to offer T-Shirts and Bumber Stickers???

  4. I love to play with some pixels! Thanks Joe for publishing some Jedited art projects.

    I did another today to make the set.
    Pink Dick

  5. oh Jed, too good. the older i get, the more i realize just how much the album "Animals" is the story of Corporations and the Sheep needed to fill them and keep them going.