Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bending The Laws And Other News

Approaching the end of his Senate term, TN Sen. Bill Frist suddenly decides to dump stock in his family's company HCA -- just weeks before the stock value plummeted. His office says the Senator talked to no "HCA officials" just before the sale, but he certainly talked to someone. In year 11 of his 12-year term he is NOW concerned about not having a conflict of interest? In fact HCA, the nation's largest for-profit hospital company, has had a vast number of insiders selling their stock like mad in recent months and the timing here is more than coincidence. Will it be a whitewash? More than likely. Details are here and here and here.

Hurricane news has pushed aside other news, especially the reports regarding our military's actions and resulting trials after the Military Intelligence and others high-ranking officials tossed aside the Geneva Conventions. Now, a file clerk, who was dating a commanding officer and now carries that man's child is facing a harsh sentence. At least her trial allows for much-suppressed evidence to be brought forward. Perhaps you believe guards take orders from file clerks. More on the story here.

Real pictures from the Iraq and Afghanistan battlefields are available on a U.S. porn site, submitted by soldiers. Yeah, they are disturbing and the following story has some very adult language, so be warned. A majority of the subscribers to the site are from the military, according to the story in The Nation.

Wars always create hellish conditions, realities few of us experience, and I am grateful for those who serve, and astonished by those whose sacrifices are known and those which often go unknown. After 55 years of requests, one North Korean vet, who was also a POW during World War 2, was given the Medal of Honor on Friday. The story of Tibor Rubin, told in this NPR report, is hard to even conceive -- he joined the U.S. military after he was freed and saved many lives in a Korean POW camp. Much more detail is here at The Mudville Gazette, and thanks to Instapundit for the link.

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