Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Writers On The Storm

As one of the newer members of the Rocky Top Brigade (122 and counting) I have been dutifully been readin' thru the many many writers and wordsmiths who have been writing about their lives and the news of the world. There are vast amounts of information of all kinds and some darn fine writers. You don't have to be Southern to write well, but after you live in Tenessee just a little while, the stories you tell start to stretch out and relax and move as natural as a river.

This is just an introduction to a nicely told tale which I read on this site. I found it courtesy of a mention on the Soulfish Stew blog. I don't endorse everything you read/find on the RTB, but there are some fine writers out there if you have time to look and read. Their words won't likely sell a bajillion copies a minute like Harry Potter tale, it's just mostly free people telling you how they see the world.

One lucky writer/traveller has been hauling his Irish perspective all over the world and I also found those perspectives addictive reading. He's not an RTBer, but being Irish can also make you a fine storyteller.


  1. Joe,
    It is wonderful to have you back.


  2. I liked the Soulfish Stew link. The stories are very honest sentiments and are told...well, honestly.

  3. It is good to be here -- be read -- be heard. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous3:35 PM

    np from ktown, you no me! Only I would know this, Joe. You have Irish blood in you, at least from 2 sources: Your maternal granMubby and your maternal GreatGranma.Hence the writing techniques as per your "being Irish can ...make you a fine storyteller".

  5. thanks np!! glad to have you posting and thanks for the information. no wonder i get a downright physical yearning to write and to be heard -- southern, irish, and born to blab!!!!!

  6. whoops -- my bad!! left out a welcome to the Cup of Joe to another County Commission leader, Nancy Phillips who posted her kind words in this section.
    Apologies for that ommission, Nancy. Like you say, it is wonderful to be here.

    In just the scant 14 days of this web log, I have made contact with folks ranging from Malaysia to Wyoming to even old Knoxville, thanks to some mentions at No Silence Here,
    and I appreciate his reading/mentioning the blog.

    This site is still being constructed and I am adding new links, News links, and a Public Forum section. We all know that "news" in this county/city is smothered and hidden by the Pretend Newspaper and their Radio Station.
    Those days are ended.