Thursday, August 25, 2005

Somebody's Watching You

Hidden cameras, hidden agendas, and a real fight for getting the news right -- I have seen a real change in the way ET news coverage has been ramped up and a good example is the discovery of hidden cameras at a Knox. Co. school where cheerleaders were told to go change clothes. There are fascinating conflicts in the info between the coverage found on WATE-TV Channel 6 News and the newscast at WBIR-TV news. (They picked up the story from WATE after WBIR was inundated with phone calls.)

As a somewhat reformed news junkie, I have seen WATE's coverage really "covering" ET and a good example is a look today at the two websites. WATE is loaded upfront with lots of major news stories from our area while WBIR has opted for the warm-fuzzy, as if the chatty, feel-good approach is all the news fit to tell. I read news on 6 and 10 tells me former "Punky Brewster" star has baby.

Knox Blab also tells us that employees were told yet ANOTHER version of all the events, though by far the most thorough coverage is on WATE, no problem. Is it just me, or has WBIR always been the station for people who don't want news stories?


  1. Still Covering My A**11:27 PM

    WATE had a follow up story today as well. The follow-up researched the legalities of the issue. I believe the true issue is already lost. The heart of the concern is this:There are severe discrepencies between what was reported, and what the sfaculty was told in the staff meeting Tuesday afternoon. You can read an account of the meeting and events on the Knox Blab. It was posted on Tuesday night, a day before the story broke in the media.
    Teachers there are afraid to speak out for obvious reasons. If, let's say, a reporter began to call the list of teachers on Gresham's directory, they would find many more willing to talk on record. They just need the security of knowing someone is working to find answers for them. Their fear is of speaking to a reporter only for the story to be a brief blurb and forgotten about within hours. Then, they will be stuck in a bad position with the administration and possibly the school board. They hope someone will find the truth about this incident by questioning those reponsible. They need someone to be forthcoming with accurate information. That will, most likely, only happen if Dr. Lindsey, the school board and Gresham's administration continue to be pressured by media, parents, and concerned citizens.

  2. Excellent points -- accurate info on cases like this get lost in side-issues.
    Sadly -- conveying info and or questions to a news reporter in America today is an act of Treason, and can easily end in the loss of a job by an employee.
    Parents and the media HAVE TO BE VIGILANT or all is lost!

  3. Hey Joe,

    What? You're kidding. I'm outraged. Who'd have thought? Jeez, what a scandal. What's going on over there? You'd think they'd know better.(ok this facade is getting tiresome.) The link to the Knox Blab doesn't work.

  4. Good catch there, Mtn Girl -- you were right and the link to the Knox Blab is now working -- thank you for the Heads Up!!