Monday, August 29, 2005

The Show That Never Ends

A new study shows that even a single Cup of Joe benefits your brain and your body, with more antioxidants than anything else in the American diet. Gotta get more Joe in your world, no doubt.
Be warned -- there are attempts underway to imitate yours truly on the local radio station which gave me the boot back in May and boy, will it suck.
Accept no imitations for the Real Cup of Joe.

Nice roundup of the news from RTB member Whites Creek Journal, from the Green Day boys to the Lies of Limbaugh. How do you tell if Limbaugh is lying?? He is speaking. (And coming back to a radio dial near you!)

The constant news of corruption in TN government is no news to the residents of the state, according to one casual survey. Later this week, I'll have more information about just how local politics in East TN is just as conflicted. The information is there for most anyone to notice, too bad the local "so-called media" simply kisses ass and ignores the Truth. Economic Development in Hamblen County?? You got a billboard that says it's all great, what else did you want? Jobs???

Tennesseans and Southern folk in general already knew it, but statistics show the South is front, center and the majority when it comes to the War In Iraq or most any other conflict.

Stay tuned -- and welcome to the Show That Never Ends.

UPDATE -- And how about that new masthead?? I now have a choice of fine art and design to choose from, with the latest created by Reenie Mooney. Thanks for all your help with this web log.


  1. Happy Birthday, Joe!

    Blessings Abound!

  2. Thanks Mtn Girl. As Pogo used to say, "I is jes' glad to be here."

  3. Hey Now Joe, I thought you would be into the coffee news! I wish some of the other news could be coming up good like this report.

    Just in time for your birthday, too!

    Happy Day!

  4. Joe, did you happen to see SKB has returned to guest blog on Facing South this week? He also has his photo blog up and running. Check it out:

  5. sure did -- hopefully you noticed the last link in this post today takes you right to SKB on "Facing South" -- consistently one of my favorite stops for news.
    or just click on the link to Facing South in my links list!!

  6. auralee12:22 PM

    hey kiddo...just wanted you to can chemically change it, you can synthetically produce it, you can herbally alter it...but there will never be anything better than the real Cup Of Joe!
    having one now...sweet and creamy...mmmmmmmmmmmthanks!