Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kutztown and Klutztown

The Kutztown 13 are kids who easily figured out computer codes on the free laptops their school gave them. School officials say it is a felony while the kids and their parents have taken the battle online. I keep looking for a phrase in these press reports about how all this will "go on their permanent record!!" Oh wait -- that's what a Felony means -- even though the school's internet tech people are the ones who left the password taped onto the laptops. Luckily stupid is not a Felony.

If it were I would have been up on charges long ago. Oh, and of all the readers out there (more than two, less than a nation) only one told me about some problems on my blog (thanks Lee) even though it took me a day to actually listen. Fun to watch me twist in the wind isn't it, especially since I have become one of those "critical" people. Truth be told, I have never needed any assistance to reach Stupid.


  1. Well, I would have told you there was a problem if I still used Explorer as a web browser. But I have evolved to Mozilla Firefox, a much better browser. The browser you use, Mr. Powell.

  2. Testify, Sister Mull!!!

    I am a Mozilla convert, Amen!

    How the mistake occured in Explorer is beyond the ken of mortal men!

  3. We've used Mozilla for a while, and we are very happy with it. I will never use Microsoft Exploder again.