Saturday, August 13, 2005

Congressman Jenkins Scoffs At Crime

Back in June 14 of this year, 1st Dist. Congressman Bill Jenkins ridiculed law enforcement inTennessee and Washington for wasting time on shutting down the illegal gambling in the Del Rio community of Cocke County -- telling the Knox-News Sentinel:

"The government should focus on terrorism and fighting methamphetamine instead of 'diverting FBI agents' to investigate cockfighting."

Congressman Jenkins sees no value in a Four-Year investigation that has led to criminal charges against 143 people, and Federal investigations that have led to investigation into racketeering, corruption, organized gambling, prostitution, chop-shop operations, drug-trafficking, and the hijacking of interstate commerce.

Oh, and also the ongoing investigations allegations that law enforcement officers in Cocke County may be engaged in drug-trafficking, bribery, etc., etc. Congressman Jenkins has been busy outsourcing TN jobs with the passage of CAFTA. Maybe he sees Crime as the next Economic Boom to Tennessee. It has certainly been big biz in the Nashville.

Just look at the T-shirt business that is now offering apparel to east Tennessee, with t-shirts that show a crowd waving flags that read "Go Cocks!" and also show two roosters with boxing gloves sparring and the phrases:

"Raid on innocent cockfighters $400,000 -- Money confiscated $40,000 -- and the price of living in Cocke Co-- Priceless."

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